full bloom
nomi (16) toronto

glad to be me


By Yumi Okita, these gorgeous hand embroidered moths are deceptively large with some reaching almost a foot wide, the technical sewing skills you can see on the wings are perfection and such beautiful variety. 

Once you receive this you have to publicly say 5 nice things you like about yourself, and then send this to your 10 favorite blogs.

oh my god you are an absolute sweetheart!! thank you!! ok here i go

1. i’m really cute

2. i’m also so nice, i wouldn’t hurt a fly (i’ll fuck up a mosquito though)

3. i’m SO GOOD AT ART!!

4. i have some of the best friends in the world (zac, meleah, veronica and the rest of my pals, love u all dearly)

5. i’m a strong girl (i’ve fought through every shit thing that’s ever happened to me!)

i’d send this to you but clearly you’ve already gotten it!! thank you again!